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Events at Bishops House


The Cunning Woman

Category: Events Published on 26 July 2018 Nick Robinson
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Wednesday September 12th 2018

"Elaine Mein, The Cunning Woman. Concealed Objects and written charms: protection in the medieval period.”

More details to follow

DAS RA / freelake

Category: Events Published on 20 May 2018 Nick Robinson
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Thursday September 27th 2018

The Circuit is a rolling residency around four towns organised by musicians based in Todmorden, Leeds, Sheffield & Derby. As part of their Autumn tour they will be visiting Bishops' House

DAS RA is a duo consisting of:

Nick Robinson
A former member of Sheffield bands as diverse as Typhoon Saturday, Dig Vis Drill, They Must Be Russians and the Comsat Angels, Nick has for many years offered a range of soundscapes and other looping guitar pieces. Using just the guitar and a laptop, he takes you via the power of improvisation to distant planets. Nick most recent release is "Cotyledon" with his "Lost Garden" duo.

Martin Archer
Following an early career with 1980s jazz punk pell mellers Bass Tone Trap, followed by the fondly remembered and widely gigged Hornweb Sax Quartet, Martin disappeared into the recording studio for 15 years in 1994, from where he produced a series of highly acclaimed albums for his own Discus imprint. In recent years, as well as forging a several album creative partnership with veteran vocalist Julie Tippetts, Martin currently works with avant rock groups Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere and Combat Astronomy, 35 voice experimental music choir Juxtavoices,and most recently ten piece jazz group Engine Room Favourites, in which Martin revisits his AACM roots.

Expect the unexpected!

Freelake - Instrumental experiments in a wide sonic landscape exploring the possibilities of electronics, rhythm and sounds with live playing and improvisation. This solo project by 'frostlake' takes a cross genre journey using Ableton,Korg analogue synthesizers and Wave-drum with electro-acoustic instruments eg. bowed bass guitar, Celtic harp, Lute harp. The results are an eclectic mix of transforming atmosphere and melody, taking surprising directions. 'frostlake' is a spectral psych-folk artist, having released an album White Moon, Black Moon on Discus Music. She is a core member of Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere and performs with Juxtavoices.

£5.00 in advance, £6.00 on the door

book here

Mike Higginbottom - “Temples of Sanitation”

Category: Events Published on 26 July 2018 Nick Robinson
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Wednesday October 3rd 2018

Sanitation was the prime environmental concern of developing societies in the nineteenth century.  The growth of conurbations, especially in London and the industrial north of England and lowland Scotland, presented local and national government with urgent, desperate problems – water-supply and sewerage.

Practical solutions took most of the nineteenth century to achieve, and in the process of engineering the healthy sanitary condition which later generations take for granted, the politicians, managers and designers of the nation’s water-supply and sewerage systems left a wealth of high-quality buildings, gigantic engineering works and attractive landscapes across the country.

Åyusp / The Garwin Project

Category: Events Published on 18 August 2018 Nick Robinson
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Friday October12th 2018 7.30pm

Another excellent double-header of electronic music.

A new collaboration between Graham McElearney and Paul Mills, born out of a common love for our favourite German electronic music, influenced in particular by all the usual suspects - the mighty Tangerine Dream of course (especially the golden line up with Peter Baumann) , along with Neu, Harmonia (and basically anything with Michael Rother in it!), Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Temple, Klaus Schultz, Popol Vuh, Brian Eno etc etc....

ÅYUSP are working not only on their own material but also doing a bit of "Audio Archaeology" along the way, and have recently recreated an excerpt from Tangerine Dream's 1975 York Minster gig, which up to now has only existed in bootleg form...


The Garwin Project
The Garwin Project's electronica with a retro twist draws inspiration from many sources, blending sequencer-driven Berlin School rhythms with ambient electronic grooves. With three acclaimed albums and a fourth just released, 2018 continues with further live dates, remix projects and bespoke soundtracks for movies and online gaming.


Cost £5.00 (£6.00 on the door)

book here

Neil Carver - “Wings Over ‘Steelopolis’ Aviation and Sheffield: 1866-1914”

Category: Events Published on 26 July 2018 Nick Robinson
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Wednesday November 7th 2018

This talk will examine how Sheffield reacted to the possibility, then the reality that man could fly. It will chart the development of flying clubs in the city and the role played by some well known actors on the Sheffield stage. It will also reveal that Sheffield has unexpected links, not only to some of the most famous (and sometimes eccentric) pioneers of manned flight but also to one of early aviation’s great unsolved mysteries.

Nancy Fielder - “The News of Christmases Past”

Category: Events Published on 26 July 2018 Nick Robinson
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Wednesday December 5th 2018

Editor, Nancy Fielder, will talk through stories and photos which have appeared in The Star over the last century throughout Advent and Christmas. Be prepared for a few festive laughs along the way on this tour of Sheffield news in the jolliest of seasons. Nancy also invites readers to bring their old photos which she will look at after the talk and may then use in the paper.


Category: Events Published on 05 August 2018 Nick Robinson
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Saturday December 15th 2018

Sheffield's groundbreaking antichoir, Juxtavoices, have created a new piecewritten specifically for Bishops' House. For this composition, Juxtavoices will be using the actual fabric of the building and its mysterious sounds and spaces in order to create an unforgettable sonic experience for the audience - we can't tell you exactly what we're going to do, that would spoil it!

We will be previewing the piece in a brief performance at 3pm, while the house is still open to the public, and then again at 4pm with some extra material.

Juxtavoices is an anti-choir of 25 mostly untrained voices whose repertoire includes members' own compositions and arrangements of classic modernist poems and found texts. The scores provide structure but freedom of pitch allows improvisation to shape the detail so that no two performances are ever the same. Audiences are unfailingly surprised by the Juxtavoices sound. Some try to name-check composers in the avant-garde tradition but none quite fit. Some shudder at the dark theatricality, some hear the humour, some are outraged while others feel an irresistible urge to join the ranks. This is singing on the edge of not-singing or vice versa, a music only previously heard in a sound-poet's dreams. The group enjoys unusual acoustic spaces - furnace floor or bear pit or library stairwell - as well as churches and more conventional concert venues. It hopes to create a chord which will startle the ghost of Thomas Tallis. Directed by Martin Archer and Alan Halsey Juxtavoices uniquely combines the outer reaches of improvised music and innovative poetry.

Admission free

David Boswick - “Decorative Plasterwork and Carved Woodwork in Bishops House”

Category: Events Published on 26 July 2018 Nick Robinson
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Wednesday January 9th 2019

This talk will examine the decorative plasterwork and carved woodwork in Bishops House and explore how it relates to that in other houses in Sheffield and North-east Derbyshire area during the 17th century. It was all being done by a group of craftsmen living in Norton and Greenhill.

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