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Adam Geoffrey Cole Trappist Afterland) plus Support


16 March 2023    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
An evening of beautiful acoustic folk from Australia.
A true legend of the Modern folk world.
Transcendental and spiritual

Under the guise of Trappist Afterland, Adam G Cole has carved out an uncompromising and often exciting back catalogue of acidic spiritual folk that weaves Eastern time signatures, ethereal drones and meditative audio journeys.

Adam Geoffrey Cole is probably best known for the albums he released with various choice contributors under the banner of Trappist Afterland, who have become a byword for some of the most genuinely exciting, ambitious and innovative psych folk over the last decade. Whether considering 2016’s ornate and detailed ‘God’s Good Earth’, or last year’s epically scaled but deeply personal ‘Seaside Ghost Tales’, Trappist offered a highly individual approach that encompassed gnostic beliefs, personal philosophy and a tangible love and reverence for underground 60’s and 70’s acid folk. Utilising a selection of exotic and unusual instrumentation, comparisons with The Incredible String Band were certainly close to the mark in reflecting the sheer quality of Trappist’s output, and a useful signifier for fans of similar musical terrain; however, they do not adequately describe the unerring uniqueness of Trappist’s work or of Cole’s distinct vision.