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Alison Cotton plus Pefkin


30 March 2024    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Bishops' House
Norton Lees Lane, Sheffield, S8 9BE, Sheffield, England, S8 9BE
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Alison Cotton brings her “Dark Arcane Allure” to Bishops’ House, Haunted by flickering ghosts and shadows. Pefkin, slowly-unfolding rituals.

Alison Cotton

Since her first solo work manifested in 2018, Alison Cotton has quietly become one of the UK’s most extraordinarily evocative aural explorers, building eerily arcane tapestries of supernatural beauty from her multi-layered viola, incantatory vocals and harmonium. If Alison’s chosen main instruments have predictably drawn comparisons with The Marble Index-era Nico and Cale, these ultimately prove superfluous as the cathedral vault soundscapes Alison crafts with producer Mark Nicholas soar into a magical realm entirely of her own making, haunted by folk’s dark ancient spirit at the same time as providing a much needed time suspending antidote to tumultuous modern times.

Sonido Polifonico are ecstatic to welcome Alison Cotton back to Bishops’ House, in support of her marvellous new album “Engelchen”. This will be Alison’s third visit to the museum, and seeing her play under the Tudor beams is an intense experience that the audience won’t forget.


Alison creates deeply moving soundworlds that are utterly transportative, incorporating viola, voice, omnichord and percussion. Her new album is inspired by

the heroic lives of Ida & Louise Cook, two sisters who spent their early years in Sunderland. Amongst the most effective British transporters of Jews from Nazi persecution, these compositions focus on the sisters’ brave and important work in rescuing 29 Jews from the Nazis. The music is also inspired by meetings Alison has carried out with clients of the north east refugee charity The Other Perspective / North East Migration Partnership where refugees have told her their stories, about their journeys and the barriers they have faced.


“a magical realm entirely of her own making, haunted by folk’s dark ancient spirit at the same time as providing a much need” (Kris Needs)




Support comes from Sheffield-based Pefkin, solo project of Gayle Brogan of Burd Ellen, Electroscope, Meadowsilver and Greenshank, and creator of slowly-unfolding, ritualistic hymnals that draw heavily on landscape and the natural world. With violin, viola, voice and electronics, she creates a truly rural psychedelia.