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Angeline Morrison plus Support


22 April 2023    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Angeline explores the forgotten landscape of the Black British Experience in Folk Song.
Totally essential, totally unmissable.

Angeline Morrison is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who explores traditional song with a deep love, respect and curiosity. Angeline mostly makes music

in the genres of wyrd folk and psych folk, her work infused with elements of soul music, literature, ‘60s beat pop sounds, folklore, myth and the supernatural.

With a feral approach, a handmade sonic aesthetic and a belief in the importance of tenderness, Angeline’s original compositions and re-stitchings of traditional songs focus on storytelling and the small things that often go unnoticed. Sounds like solitude, memory, nostalgia, a rainy walk amongst trees…

“Oh earth, cradle my son for me,” gently intones Angeline Morrison on Unknown African Boy (d. 1830). We’re left shaken after hearing it for the first time at Folk Radio’s jointly curated A Cellarful of Folkadelia performance at Sidmouth Folk Festival. Despite its lilting refrain, it’s an urgent and unflinching account which perfectly encapsulates the deeply sensitive nature of The Sorrow Songs: Folk Songs of Black British Experience. Released via Topic Records on 7th October, the much-needed project looks to address the omissions or derogatory inclusions of Morrison’s Black British ancestors in traditional music by honouring them with a new ‘re-storying’ of their lives.