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Eamon Fogarty , Alex Dupree plus support


14 November 2023    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Bishops' House
Norton Lees Lane, Sheffield, S8 9BE, Sheffield, England, S8 9BE
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An evening evoking the low slung ease of Tim Buckley’s jazz-rock, the shambolic grace of Beck, the grandeur of Scott Walker, and more…..

Eamon Fogarty

Eamon is a composer, songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and audio archivist who was born in the state of New Hampshire. Aquarium Drunkard described his 2019 record Blue Values as “a remarkable piece of art-pop, exhibiting the low slung ease of Tim Buckley’s jazz-rock, the shambolic grace of Beck, the progressive grandeur of Scott Walker, and the mystic yearning of Talk Talk.” He has written for, recorded, and performed in a broad range of capacities and contexts, including numerous folk and rock bands, (Alex Dupree, Psychic Temple, Matt Kivel) choral groups, free improvisatory ensembles, puppet theater productions, and even a surf video or two.

Alex Dupree

Alexgot his musical start in Austin, Texas, and his voice still has some Heartworn Highways-era color to it. In the mid 00s, he founded the Trapdoor Band, an improvisatory folk group and vehicle for his lyric-driven songwriting, before switching to the Idyl moniker in 2009.

Dupree moved to California to focus on poetry, studying and teaching at UC Irvine, with songwriting never far from his mind. He continued to hone his craft writing country songs for both the LA band Mister Paradise and a duet project called Dawn & Dupree (with Iva Dawn of They/Live). Despite a deep love for country music, Dupree’s songs never quite settled in that category, absorbing additional influences from the likes of Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell, Bjork, and John Cale.

The story of Thieves is the story of starting over. It’s a sturdy songwriter’s album with heady, heavy folk and country flourishes. Bill Callahan meets Willie Nelson. Or Harry Smith meets Barry Hannah. It’s about coming to terms with the uncanny patterns of your life, the strange repetitions you can’t escape.

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