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The lowest window

If you look along the north wall of the building [the wall facing into the park] you may see a small square window, about 40 cm [15 in.] across, now blocked up. But why is it so low down? Its lowest point is only 70 cm [28 in.] above the ground. Inside is where we have the kitchen and toilet. But at one time this was a bedroom and the architect’s plans from 1974, when the building was converted to a museum, show two steps down to it from the main room, which we call the lesser parlour. These have been cemented in and the floor level raised but at one time it would have been lower and the window would have been at the correct height. If you search the old Victorian photos of Bishops House on the Picture Sheffield website [] you will find one which shows this window in use.

Part of the North wall of Bishops’ House showing the small blocked-up window, in the centre

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